Commodity Trailers

Our hopper and pneumatic trailers deliver dry bulk fertilizer to customer yards and ranches. These trucks are registered to enter ports and our professional drivers both carry TWIC cards and are certified to load at virtually every fertilizer supplier in California.

Our end dump trailers average 20-21 tons per load and can haul rip rap, boulders, dirt, debris, and a range of concrete/asphalt demolition materials. From loading quarry product to exporting from job sites, we can cover your end dump transportation needs.

When it comes to construction projects or interplant deliveries, we offer an assortment of bottom dump trailers. Bottom dumps are an efficient way to deliver aggregate or different kinds of fill material to your job site or yard.

Our side dump trailers are ideal for delivering soil amendment direct to your ranch, vineyard, nursery or landscape yard. Each load has the capacity of 24 tons and approximately 50 yards to provide an efficient and cost effective way to get the volume and tonnage where you need it.

Our belt trailers are designed to haul a variety of products including mulch, wood chips, lime, gypsum, compost, topsoil, sand, and more.